Now you can collect the 5×7 prints I have available in a gorgeous, leatherbound coffee table book. Select up to 20 of my prints to place inside, each of them held in place with corners that make them easy to remove and frame, and replace when you want to change your theme.  Additional pages are available for $5 each.

Leather_Portfolio_Outside This is a beautiful way to showcase your favorites, and add new ones inexpensively. Its beautiful tooling and handcrafted cover makes a statement on your coffee table.

Leather_Portfolio_Inside_RhinoEach print is labeled by the artist.

Fill it with botanical, food, landscape, photos, whatever you like, up to twenty different images.

Professional looking corners and a small three ring binder style closure makes it easy to add and remove, reorder or frame the 5×7 prints inside.

Beautiful accents really make the difference with this lovely coffee table book.

Click here to buy this one of a kind Janet Bray Art Coffee Table Book

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